X2 Biosystems Announces Partnership with Sports 1 Marketing

X2 Biosystems, the leader in wearable impact monitoring devices and neurocognitive assessment tools, today announced a new partnership with Sports 1 Marketing, a global sports and entertainment marketing agency founded by NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon and leading sports and technology executive David Meltzer. The two companies will work together to increase awareness of, and bring to market solutions that address the risks associated with head impacts in athletes.

“We are excited about this important new partnership with the team at Sports 1 Marketing,” said X2 Biosystems CEO John Ralston. “Sports 1’s relationships include an amazing list of sports and entertainment celebrities who can make a significant difference as we spread the word about how X2’s technology can help reduce the incidence, risks and costs of head impact injuries.”

Sports 1 will also take a lead role in developing and managing X2 Biosystems’ Sports Advisory Board, to help guide the company’s development and deployment of new technologies, and to promote the company’s concussion management solutions to youth, amateur, collegiate, and professional sports organizations worldwide.

“Sports 1 Marketing has been deeply involved with concussion issues for a long time, and X2 Biosystems’ solution is the first we’ve seen that is effectively addressing the problem—on the field where it matters most,” said Sports 1 CEO David Meltzer. “Our goal is to leverage our relationship capital with sports and entertainment leaders to help make the X2 solution the industry standard in concussion management.”

The wide range of impairments to cognitive, motor and sensory functions that can result from repetitive head impacts, often coupled with additional emotional and behavioral symptoms, has become recognized as an enormous public health challenge. Although much recent focus has been directed specifically at the issue of concussion injuries, a growing volume of evidence is revealing that significant brain injuries may result even in the absence of clinically diagnosed concussion symptoms.

“Sports 1 has already made several key introductions that have resulted in valuable new industry relationships and opportunities,” added Ralston. “We look forward to working with David and Warren and the rest of the Sports 1 team to make X2’s head impact management system available to the millions of players, coaches and parents who need to monitor, assess, and act in real time when head impacts occur.”
About X2 Biosystems (http://www.x2bio.com) X2 Biosystems merges wearable impact monitoring devices, neurocognitive assessment tools, wireless communications, and cloud data analytics to deliver the complete continuum of care in concussion management that athletic, medical, military, and industrial markets are now demanding in order to reduce the incidence, risks, and costs of head impacts and concussion injuries. X2 has offices in Redwood City, CA, and Seattle, WA.