Dak Prescott is right on time — for Dallas and for America

The first bruh to star at quarterback for Dallas – the others who came through were mostly short-term backups, though one was a high-round pick and onetime heir apparent to a three-time Super Bowl winner – is adding an unexpected chapter to the story of America’s Team, at a time when America looks much scarier to people of color than it did only a few weeks ago. Just like the timing on Prescott’s deep balls, he has arrived as if almost on cue.Warren Moon has stayed up on what’s going down in Dallas. And he’s definitely feeling the change.

“We’re in 2016, and even after all these years, nobody has really taken that title of America’s Team from them,” the Hall of Fame passer said on the phone the other day. “And when you’re America’s Team, when that’s how a lot of people who love the game view your team, that’s going to mean something to a lot of people.

“Everybody knows their history. Everybody knows the [Blue] Star. There’s significance behind it. So to have Dak Prescott leading them, and the way he has done it, that’s a bold statement. It’s also something people are going to think about for a lot of reasons.”

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