Why I Stopped Saying “No” and Started Asking “How?”

David Meltzer discusses how and effective communication

Effective Communication: Asking “How?” How many times a day do you say no?  Why do you say no in the first place?  Most people will tell you they respond with “no” because of laziness, fear of failure, or they are too busy. In reality, there is a better solution than … Read More

3 Steps to Winning a Free Agency Negotiation

David Meltzer discussed negotiation in the NFL

Negotiation Tactics in NFL Free Agency After running the most notable sports agency in the world, I’ve been blessed to negotiate with some of the biggest names in sports and business. Negotiating free agency and business contracts with sports idols like Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, the Hunt family, and the … Read More

Say No To Coffee, Just Grind

David Meltzer discusses getting coffee

Say no to getting coffee Hours spent in the office doing business are not the time to sit back, relax, or socialize. I try to be as efficient, effective, and statistically successful as possible during work hours (and beyond). The conventional offer of “getting coffee” is, in my opinion, one … Read More

Empowerment and the Importance of Giving Back

David Meltzer discusses giving back

Why focus on giving back? People ask me how I have the time to be working with so many charitable causes. When people perceive that I am intently focused on a project like the Crescent Moon Foundation, the Unstoppable Foundation, or Junior Achievement they are very curious about my reasoning. … Read More

No-Fail Scale Tips: Scaling a Business

David Meltzer discusses how to scale a business

Stages of Scaling a Business One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do I successfully build or grow my business?” People tend to believe that chasing money and investment are the best ways to grow a business. In reality, people are the key to successfully scaling … Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Sports Internship

David Meltzer discusses the importance of a sports internship

A sports internship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The line that comes to mind is the famous advice of my mentor, Leigh Steinberg: “Be kind to your future self.” I teach people that having an internship program and spending the time, money, and effort in empowering young professionals to pursue their … Read More

Party Priorities: Balancing Business and Beverages

David Meltzer discusses how to think about a work party or function

I believe in working hard and playing hard, but a lot of time in my industry people party too hard and lose sight of their priorities. So many times at a work party or sporting event, I see guests and professionals over-serve themselves or partake a little too much. At … Read More

Millennial Mentorship Strategies: Part Two

David Meltzer discusses mentorship for millennials

In loving memory of Randy Granovetter, here is Part Two (Part One is here) of how she taught me to empower millennials throughout her career. Mentorship can be one of the most effective tools to empower millennials on their path to achieving their potential. Here are a few tips that … Read More

Alternative Facts, Perception, and Critical Thinking

David Meltzer discusses alternative facts and critical thinking

“Alternative Facts” – Making America think again This is not a political blog, but I believe these tumultuous political times have helped many to realize the importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is awareness. Awareness allows us to interpret the results of effective analysis through the use of skills, tools … Read More

Millennial Mentorship: Tips for 2017

David Meltzer discusses strategies for millennial workers

Last week I lost a dear friend and family member, Randy Granovetter. Randy was not only our Chief Technology Officer, but left behind her legacy as the founder of Jabra, the first female Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Exchange, and an executive at numerous tech companies. Randy taught me to … Read More