David Meltzer discusses the two sides of truth

The Two Sides of Truth

Understanding truth

There are two sides to the truth. The first side is when we speak the truth and the other side is when others speak the truth to us. It is important to speak the truth, otherwise, it will come out on its own. We are wasting time, energy, and lowering our vibration by avoiding the truth. We must understand that the truth comes out because it vibrates the fastest. Instead of using blame, shame, justification, or straight out lying, we need to vibrate at the fastest level and tell the truth. Even if the short-term repercussions seem to be in the favor of others, telling the truth will always bring the right energy to things. Although it may feel as if we put ourselves at a pragmatic disadvantage, there is no doubt the truth will always be the best route.

Flip Side

The second side of that relationship is receiving the truth. Of course, our ego has a need to be offended. Sometimes we put conditions, judgments, and higher expectations on others than we do for ourselves. We fall into the trap of not receiving the truth well. When we receive the truth well, it has the same accumulative and positive effect because it vibrates the fastest. The truth always comes out. Why or what are we hiding when we avoid the truth? We need to surround ourselves with the right people and the right ideas, meaning those people that know our faults but are also still willing to tell us the truth.

The Power of Truth

The truth is so powerful because it’s the only thing that cannot be bought. 90% of the things in the universe can be bought: better health, education, relationships, experiences, and more fun. All of these things can actually be bought, but the one thing that can’t be bought no matter how wealthy you are is the truth.

Accountable to Truth

We all need to live in the truth. We need to live in that 10% of accountability, away from blame, shame, and justification. We need to strive to always tell the truth and to be willing to receive the truth. Embrace the truth; don’t be afraid of it. We want to enjoy the pursuit of our potential, which goes along with the pursuit of the truth. Therefore, we need to tell and receive the truth in its gracious form.

By: David Meltzer

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