Dave Meltzer discusses how to exceed expectations

Stop Trying To Exceed Expectations, You Can’t

Meet or Exceed Expectations

Exceeding expectations is a very difficult thing to do consistently. I think, in the long run, we are better off making sure that we at least meet expectations. Most people have good intentions when it comes to delivering on what is expected. They make promises or representations of the value that they are going to provide, whether it’s to be somewhere on time or a product they’re selling. In reality, meeting expectations is difficult enough, let alone being able to exceed them.

What do you expect?

The reason it’s so difficult to meet and exceed expectations is because we’re human. That means we’re inefficient, ineffective, and statistically unsuccessful. What happens is we promise to provide value, making representations of what we’re going to do, and end up creating a void for us to fill—overpromising and underdelivering. Because of our natural inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, and lack of statistical success, we tend to oversell and backend sell in order to meet or exceed those expectations. I shift the paradigm in order to meet and exceed expectations, so I do not have to worry about overselling, backend selling, or even lying, as many do.

Expectation and Service

I only focus in on providing value and being of service. When we do that, we are living closer to the truth and we leave a void, not for us to fill, but for the universe to fill. And the greatest thing is that the universe is exact. When we are of service first and provide value without any expectations, representations, or promises, the universe provides us back what we have given to others. The power of the Universe is what gives us great lines like, “The more you give, the more you get,” or even, “Whatever I give, I receive ten times as much back”. It only feels like it’s ten times as much because it comes so rapidly and accurately.

Own Expectations

We need to exceed expectations of our own by providing value and being of service. Detach yourself from the outcome and don’t worry about making promises or representations, overselling, backend selling, or even lying. Be of service and give yourself to others. Trust the universe, and everything will come to you rapidly and accurately. That is how you exceed even your own expectations!

By: Dave Meltzer

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