Road To Success

Success comes at a price, but not only a monetary one. We reap the rewards of success by how much work and determination we invest in our future self. Most importantly to maintain success we must maintain our gratitude and empathy.

This NBA draft has produced yet another elite class of international pro basketball players: Kar-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, Jahill Okafor, Mario Hezonja. Young players that will strive to capitalize on their skills leading them to the NBA. But,what’s the secret to reaching this plateau? 

The secret is—there is no secret. Just guideposts we must establish to manifest what we desire.

  • First, we must clarify what we want. You must possess a clear vision of your goal in order to create velocity to reach that vision.
  • Second, balance. We must create balance in order to attract velocity to stabilize our clear vision.
  • Third, focus. Focus puts us on track to accurately attaining our goal. To draw focus we must surround ourselves with the right people-mentors, coaches, encouraging players- to motivate and stimulate us to align our goal.

When all three guideposts are met, our confidence will take over and put us in the “ZONE”.

These NBA draftees have all been in the zone. The sense of invincibility, as if the game slowed down, the crowd went silent, reaching that sense of achieving their guideposts. This feeling of superiority is the reward hard-working athletes receive resulting from the investment they put in. So, one may ask, what can go wrong?Success.

Many of these young athletes do not realize the power of success. Success is subtle, yet can be fatal. Money and fame can turn young people into somebody they don’t recognize. The gratitude and empathy that made them exceptional once lost can be the most destructive success killer! Experience is the only way to handle the magnitude of impact presented to these athletes making the majors.

We go through stages in our lives that teach us how to handle these situations, and as we age, we become better equipped to deal with the next stage. But most of this young draft class will likely lack this knowledge leading to a sense of disparity. The solution? Surround yourself to the right people and right ideas. Utilizing their mentors, coaches, and NBA teammates to adapt to such an enormous modification of their young lives. Ultimately, like the majority of other professional athletes, they will learn to adapt with gratitude, empathy and experience to find their place within the NBA.