Possibility, to Probability, to Perspective (Reality)

What do LeBron James, Stephen Curry and I have in common? No… it’s not we all love Swenson’s Hamburgers in Akron, Ohio. (Which are the best on Earth!) We all were born in the same hospital in Akron! When these NBA Stars were born they must have had a nurse bless them with unbelievable talent to become the MVP’s, respectively. Me…I must have had a less powerful nurse with different blessings, which definitely did not include height or a jump shot. Since we were all born in Akron, we know the challenges that one can face growing up without, for example, all the luxuries of California living.

I am further blessed to have been born in the same place football was born…Canton, Ohio. I have seen all my childhood heroes honored in the small building that looks similar to a juice-machine at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is no accident that Warren Moon, my business partner and best friend, is the first and only African-American Quarterback inducted at Canton. So many years and so many challenges have been experienced by all of those inducted into this sacred place. The character, integrity, and persistence bleed from the walls as you walk and admire each story attached to their respective bronze busts.

As I flew home from this years induction – which included the most Hall of Famers ever, a sold out Aerosmith Concert, a parade bigger than the Rose Bowl (with Football Stars instead of flowers), an unbelievable Gold Jacket and Induction Ceremony, and TV coverage from Thursday to Sunday night – all I can think of is how powerful it is to Dream! I am blessed to know all of these dreamers who are inducted into the Hall but even more impressive is the dream of two men, David Baker and George Veras, the Top executives at the Hall of Fame.

Ever since these two men took over at the Hall I have seen their conscious belief become an inspired probability, and through great discipline, strategy, and understanding it is now a $476 Million dollar reality that will be completed in 2019!

Immediately after the Hall of Fame Game they broke ground on this reality. The monumental development will not only boost the economy for Canton and surrounding regions for years to come, but it will enhance the Pro Football Legacy. This is not just another stadium development; this is the Taj Mahal of football, which will ultimately represent the pursuit of living at your higher self.

Although, I will miss the small town feel of the original “juice-machine hall” I am so excited for this 8th wonder of the world to be built in my hometown. The town of not only the greatest hamburger on earth but the greatest sport as well!

Thank you David Baker and George Veras for having the imagination and action to make this possibility into a reality!

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