Dave Meltzer discusses the importance of prioritization, procrastination, and perspective in doing it now.

One Hour to Live: Whom would you call and why not do it now?

Do It Now: Stop Making Excuses for Procrastination

Many people ask me, with so much going on now, how I make time for so many different activities. How do I prioritize health? Family? Work?

My philosophy on this subject all stems from three simple questions, “If you had one hour to live, whom would you call? What would you say and why not now?” That’s how I prioritize. I ask what I would do in an impossible time crunch and consciously decide not to make any excuses about putting those tasks or interactions off any longer.

Do It Now Philosophy

I believe in ‘doing it now’ because chronic procrastination, something that affects 1 out of every 5 people, impairs our ability to be successful. Chronic procrastination can affect your work, personal life, financial status, and even your social relationships. Not only is procrastination scientifically proven to cause you to be more stressed, but it can also impact your long-term self in other ways too, like missed medical appointments (which then turns into a more serious issue) or inadequate retirement savings.

Procrastination has been shown to cost companies – big time. A study of 10,000 Americans found that the average worker self-admitted to wasting over 2 hours per day on non-work-related activities. This, in turn, results in costing companies more than $10,000 per employee per year! And this habit has only grown in prevalence among individuals; with so much content at our fingertips, we are more distracted than ever. You must combat this bad procrastination habit, using your own self-awareness as a tool to stop avoidant behaviors.

Ask the Right Questions

If you think about what you might do in a situation where you have just one hour to live, you learn more about the people and priorities that are most important to you. When you contemplate the people in your life that are valuable, you are better able to prioritize them and their personal values. When you think about what you would do with limited time, your prioritized activities become evident. It becomes very easy to prioritize your health. It becomes very easy to prioritize meditation. It becomes very easy to prioritize the people that you surround yourself with. It becomes very easy to prioritize the ideas that you want to surround yourself with. Putting yourself in the “1-hour left situation” forces you to utilize the mission equation and allows the vision for your life to become clearer. You are encouraged not only to “do it now,” but also to do it every single day with efficiency, effectiveness, and statistical success.

Where do you focus?

By applying the focus of a compelling event, like knowing you only have one hour to live, you can tap into the exponential results that focus yields. By aligning your daily actions with what is genuinely most important to you – those people you would call and those things you would do with only an hour – then you are becoming the truest version of yourself and accessing more of your potential. The power of intention, that “do it now” perspective, is an accelerator of everything that you want. Using the power of intention every day helps to drive your success, so make sure that you think about prioritizing each day as if you have one hour to live. Whom would you call? What would you say? And why not now?

Now, pick up your phone and dial your success. Attract it into your life and do it now!

By: Dave Meltzer

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