Never Quit: U.S. Attitude Shines Again!

What an unbelievable 4th of July weekend! The American spirit will never quit. From military heroes, business tycoons and sports superstars.

I want to thank Scott Lopez, my partner at Mission Meetings, for his input on this blog.

Independence Day is one of my favorite holiday. It represents freedom which is a critical component to happiness. We should always be grateful for our freedom. I’m inspired by the sons and daughters of the American Revolution, our Founding Fathers, and the sacrifices of so many that fought for our freedom, liberty and prosperity.

I believe our country’s tenacity and grit began with General George Washington and the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. While no battle was ever fought at Valley Forge, it was the turning point of our young nation’s struggle to rise. In 1777 – 1778, the army was desperately against the ropes. Bloody. Beaten. Battle-weary. And ready to quit. Even Washington conceded, “if the army does not get help soon, in all likelihood it will disband.” Death was everywhere and morale abysmal. What happened in the first winter months of 1778 was a series of small and unlikely accomplishments that transformed the army from rag tag rebels into a force that would eventually defeat the British. Words like sacrifice, fortitude and discipline accurately describes the “never quit” attitude of those early American soldiers.

Fast forward to July 5, 2015 in Vancouver, B.C. Where the US Women’s soccer team claimed their third FIFA World Cup Championship. Dismantling Japan in a stunning 5-2 revenge rematch of the 2011 World Cup Final. It was an amazing display of American skills and “never quit”. The US is now the undisputed world power in women’s soccer.

Team captain Carli Lloyd scored three goals in the first 16 minutes and sent the Japanese reeling. What is most impressive is that Lloyd had failed to convert her penalty kick in the 2011 Final’s loss. For the last four years, she has had unparalleled focus in order to position herself (and the US women’s team) for another chance to win the World Cup. “I’ve dedicated my whole life to this,” Lloyd said. She used her imagination and action principles to manifest the greatest performance in World Cup history. “The mental game is an absolute huge thing.” Thank goodness she never quit!

Once again, everything came at the right way at the perfect time!

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