It’s Game Time!

September officially marks the start of America’s most watched sport, NFL football. As fans cheer on their favorite teams and manage their fantasy players, headlines both good and bad are shadowing Week 1.

Let’s just ignore the absurdity of Tom Brady! Looking back on Adrian Peterson, where does he stand? After missing last season due to legal issues surrounding child abuse, how will he recoup? Well if yards and touchdowns correlated to fantasy football rankings, Peterson ranked #2 will yet again be a force to be reckoned with.

Use your downfalls as motivation to excel in your future endeavors.We all face matters in life we are not proud of. However, what sets apart the achievers from the failures is how you utilize those letdowns. Peterson stated: “It’s definitely a good feeling to know people do have your back…But I’m sure it’ll take a while for this to get erased out of my memory…I’m just looking forward to the season, kicking things off and getting things back on track.” Spoken like a true six-time Pro Bowl NFL MVP.

What’s in store for last year’s losing NFL teams? Let’s bypass the Jags, Bucs and Redskins, and focus in on other teams that made major moves during this off-season.

First, the Oakland Raiders led by second year quarterback Derek Carr, the Raiders made some major acquisitions: Coach Jack Del Rio, potential rookie sensation Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, and re-signing safety Charles Woodson, will likely lead to a more productive 2015 season for the Black & Silver.

Then there’s the “group of death,” the AFC East. The Pats seemed to have been dominating this division for the last decade, but with HUGE off-season pick-ups by all the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets, the defending Super Bowl Champs are in for the toughest season they have yet to face since the early 2000’s.

And last but not least, my San Diego Chargers. Although they weren’t a losing team finishing the season 9-7, it would be a crime if I left them out. With 5-time veteran Pro Bowler Philip Rivers still leading the pack, the Bolts are looking to excel this season with rookie phenom Melvin Gordon and top wide-receiver Keenan Allen set to have breakout seasons. Mentioning impact rookies on both the Chargers and Raiders, what is needed for them to succeed?

Empower Others. In football, like in business, rookies will thrive best by listening and absorbing feedback from the experts of the game. As I do with staff, hold weekly meetings teaching them various fundamentals I have mastered to better succeeded in business, veteran NFL players will do the same for rookies in pursuit of them accomplishing better results.

One of my teachings directly related to all athletes is that of the “Power of 64.”I teach you can achieve 64 hours of production in a regular eight-hour typical workday. Most successful athletes and executives, like myself, wake up and start our day earlier than everyone else and work longer than everyone else. Meaning our eight-hour workday becomes a sixteen-hour workday. Now multiply the sixteen-hour day by two by focusing on being twice as efficient, with double the statistical success, and you have achieved 64-hours of productivity in one day. This is how all of us, not just athletes and executives, should be attacking our day.

Time to setup my BIG screen and heat up the BBQ, it’s time for NFL FOOTBALL!


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