David Meltzer Discusses Steps to Happiness and Proper Perspective

4 Steps To Happiness: Develop the Right Perspective

There is no way to happiness… Happiness is the way!

Perspective is everything. Your perception is your reality. Your perspective shapes who you are: your motivation, your inspiration, and the choices you make in your professional and personal life. It is important to make sure you have a positive mindset in order to attract the right things in your life. Here are four steps to developing the best perspective:

Build Appreciation

Appreciate = add value.

One of the best ways to build appreciation is to turn all of our thoughts into positive ones. Having a positive mindset is a major asset at work and at home. In order to attain this mindset, we must build and train our minds with a simple philosophy of, “cancel, clear and connect.” When we think of conscious thoughts that are negative, we must “cancel” them. When we think of unconscious thoughts that are attracting the conscious thoughts, we must “clear” our whole mind. Then finally, when things do not leave us and they sit within our unconscious, we must utilize a mechanism to “connect” to what inspires us.

Our inspiration, in sports terms, is our “12th man”. We must “connect” to that which inspires us to positively change our perspective so that we don’t carry any negative energy or thoughts. We want to limit any negative thoughts and ideas and stop attracting negative thoughts to our conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind.

Be Empathetic

Progress not perfection.

To develop empathy, we must learn to forgive. A forgiving mind is a happy mind. At first, we must forgive only one person—ourselves. We cannot give others what we do not have. We must have forgiveness to be able to give forgiveness so that, in turn, we can have the best perspective of happiness. Being forgiving is an important concept in business and life because people are prone to making mistakes. Therefore, we must seek out progress, not perfection, and forgive ourselves as well as others.

Practice Accountability

Avoid blame, shame, and justification.

Live “Above the Line”, do not live in blame, shame and justification. It attracts more shortages, voids and obstacles into our lives, and creates negative energy that we must overcome. This negative energy can be especially difficult to overcome in the workplace if we do not practice accountability. We should always live “above the line” to liberate ourselves, through accountability, in order to have the proper positive perspective.

Share Effectively

It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.

We must effectively share our lives and connect to others. We must empower others to empower others to be happy. We must get aligned with others, inspire others to take positive action, and of course…prepare for adjustment. Empowering others in this way can have an exponential impact on our business and our lives. By sharing our lives effectively, this allows us to have a positive the right perspective or the best perspective for happiness.


These are the four steps to developing a perspective of happiness. You can help shift your perspective and live a happier life by following these philosophies of gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication.

By: David Meltzer


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