Don’t Even Call it a Comeback… Leigh’s been here for years!

On New Year’s Eve my Meltzer Mission Quote of the Day was from my mentor Leigh Steinberg, “Be kind to your future self.” Oh how powerful this quote is today! I have been blessed with many great people in my life but the one person that never surprises me is Leigh Steinberg. The former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, who most people remember is the former agent for Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Warren Moon and Drew Bledsoe, now has done what many said was impossible…he landed a new top quarterback.

The one-time super agent and one of my mentors is making a comeback, signing Memphis quarterback and top NFL draft prospect Paxton Lynch. Steinberg battled financial and personal issues and conquered them to get back into the agent game. Now it looks like he is back on top! This represents a major personal victory for Steinberg, who is on the comeback trail.

But don’t even call this a comeback… Leigh has been here for years! Leigh Steinberg has only one person that can stop him …Leigh Steinberg. He is one of the smartest and most honest people I have ever met. He deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for all he has done for football. He created the sports agency and led the way for all agents empowering professional athletes to financial, health and charitable success.

Leigh has overcome a terrible disease and personal challenges to climb his way back to the top! Most people thought he should teach, write books and even retire… but not Leigh! Once again, he beat all odds and landed the possible #1 pick in the draft! This should serve as a reminder that we must not listen to the kind or negative words of others. We determine our own destiny. Leigh Steinberg is incredible. Don’t even call it a comeback because Leigh has been here for years! Congrats Leigh!

By: David Meltzer

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