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When we think of Cam Newton and Steph Curry today, we really don’t think of breakthroughs. That’s only because we have short memories with regards to sports. Both MVP candidates are blowing everyone away with their performance as professional athletes. They both are leading their teams to undefeated records and setting league (and team) records along the way. The interesting thing with both of these athletes is that not too long ago no one seemed to want them. David Meltzer

Originally as a high school recruit, little interest followed the 6’0, 160-pound, Steph Curry. He had offers from VCU, Davidson, and Winthrop, as well as an offer to walk-on at Virginia Tech. Even though his dad had been a legendary NBA star, nobody wanted Steph Curry. And it wasn’t as if he didn’t perform in college. He took Davidson to the NCAA Tournament his first two seasons there, helping them to win their first game in the tournament in almost forty years. Curry took the team as deep as the Regional Finals (losing to the eventual champ Kansas), but fell out of the top 5 of the NBA draft.

Now Steph Curry is far-and-away the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, last year winning his first championship and MVP trophies, and now leading the Golden State Warriors to a record 23-0 undefeated start to their season. So far, Curry has already had 7 games this season where he has eclipsed the 40-point mark!

Cam Newton, on the other hand, was troubled from the time he got to the University of Florida. Though he initially won the job backing up Tim Tebow as a true freshman, Newton suffered an ankle injury and missed almost his entire sophomore year. After dealing with legal and probationary issues, he transferred to a small junior college and onto Auburn, where he set pretty much every record and propelled Auburn to a national championship. Don’t forget not too long ago he succeeded despite the fact that Newton had plenty of baggage he was carrying, fighting comparisons to JaMarcus Russell and other African American quarterbacks, as well as some NCAA issues in relation to his father potentially committing violations during his recruitment. But Cam Newton has risen above the low expectations from many who thought he would be a bust and turned into a premiere quarterback on the only undefeated team left in the NFL. David Meltzer

Once again these two young MVP’s remind us that we cannot listen to the good or the bad opinion of others. We need to separate ourselves from what other people think, and live by our own imagination and action principles. If we do so, the truth will come out. And it seems to me the truth is that two of the most valuable players in the biggest sports in America, the reigning NBA MVP and this season’s NFL MVP (so far), have learned this lesson. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. You are never as good as they say you are or never as bad.

Don’t even call it a breakthrough, because these guys have been here for years.

By: David Meltzer

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