Dave Meltzer discusses the relationship between pain and empowerment

Connecting Pain Threshold and Empowerment

What is your pain threshold?

Recently, I came to an epiphany while speaking with the CEO of Spartan Race, Joe De Sena. I realized the difference between empowerment and pain threshold.

After discussing the impetus and ideas behind Spartan Race and its success, I came to one big conclusion. Spartan Race it is one of the few competitions that deal not only with athletic ability and prowess, but more importantly, the testing of mental pain threshold.

Interns: Empowered or Entitled?

Speaking of testing mental thresholds, I have an internship program where every summer we bring in 30 of the brightest young minds in sports and entertainment to intern for 90 days.

We provide training and exposure to unique situations in sports and entertainment, as well as relationship capital that’s unavailable anywhere else. But something that always concerned me was that many of our applicants come from referrals, meaning we use it as a business development tool to help out our family and friends with connections who want to learn about business in sports and entertainment.

The other half of our interns come from the 2500 resumes that we receive every month from students and young professionals around the country that are interested in the increased exposure, knowledge, and awareness they gain here at Sports 1 Marketing.

The biggest surprise I always got was that I felt people who were referred to us would be more entitled than ones that we chose from the finest schools and programs around the country. But the truth is, it didn’t matter. Whether they were a referral or whether we took them from our interview and application process, the exact same amount of interns were empowered or entitled.

Pushing through Pain

There was one variable that I didn’t take into account when comparing the two groups, which is pain threshold.

I made this connection because one of my chief concerns is that while I grew up with nothing, my kids grew up with everything. I always thought that people who were poor were more empowered, but that’s absolutely not true. You can be rich and entitled, poor and entitled, rich and empowered, or even poor and empowered. Moreover, I started to think about how, and why, I teach my children to have the same pain threshold that I have. My children are all empowered and they’re wonderful children, but how do I give them that pain threshold? How do I give them the tools to be like the best performers at the Spartan Races or the best action sports athletes who endure harsh conditions?

Condition Yourself to Adverse Conditions

Understanding that the most effective Spartan Racers can deal with pain and strife, we need to condition ourselves to have a higher pain threshold so that we can wake up at 4 a.m. and work until 11 p.m. every night. There have been studies that show conditioning against pain works, with one Australian study showing that aerobic training will increase a person’s pain tolerance. Use gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication to improve your mental toughness, understanding that it will expand your vibration and awareness. This will allow us to make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.

Pain and Power

Understanding the distinction between entitled and empowered is not only vital for ourselves, but for the betterment of the people around us. Once we acknowledge the distinction, we can empower and increase the pain threshold of those around us so they can reciprocate and help others. Remember that pain fades, but empowerment is forever.

By: Dave Meltzer

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