6 Principles to Coach By

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

-Jerry Rice

When Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about the possibility of a female coach in the NFL, his response was “The minute they can prove they can make a player better, they’ll be hired.” Soon after, Arians received a call from Indoor Football League Texas Revolution coach Devin Wyman. Wyman informed Arians of a female Linebackers coach he had on his team that was definitely worth taking a look. What does this mean? The Arizona Cardinals, owned by Bill Bidwill, honored for promoting diversity in the NFL by the Fritz Pollard Alliance for hiring the first African American Female Executive, has done it again.

Dr. Jen Welter, a one-time collegiate rugby player who played 14 seasons of pro football, broke the gender barrier by becoming the first female NFL coach. She will be the assistant coach for inside linebackers during training camp/preseason for the Arizona Cardinals. Does this mean Cards linebackers will start “hitting like girls?” At 5’2” 130 lbs., she may not have the size or power to compete with 250 lbs. linebackers, but she does have the ability to make them better players. This is the key to coaching.

Empower others to Empower others! Coaching, not just in sports, is needed to inspire others to live up to our higher self. We empower others to become better people today than they were yesterday. Some people perceive things that others don’t immediately comprehend. Thus, by informing and teaching (“coaching”) others who don’t vibrate as fast as some of us, we promote and encourage the betterment in others that bring us one step closer to happiness as a whole.

Once again, this milestone proves nothing is impossible with hard work and determination.

If we consciously imagine what we want it is a possibility then we utilize the three imagination principles to become inspired:

  • Foundation
  • Guideposts
  • Manifest

Our idea then becomes a probability.

Finally, like Dr. Welter we use the three action principles:

  • Discipline
  • Strategy
  • Action

Our idea then becomes our perspective or Reality.

The first African American Female Executive, the first NFL Female Official, and now the first NFL Female Coach, shows times are changing and gentrification is progressing. The key to accomplishing your dreams is to use these six principles to manifesting all we desire rapidly and accurately We must do our best today, to accomplish our goals set for tomorrow

Always better…Siempre mejor!