Alternative Facts, Perception, and Critical Thinking

David Meltzer discusses alternative facts and critical thinking

“Alternative Facts” – Making America think again This is not a political blog, but I believe these tumultuous political times have helped many to realize the importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is awareness. Awareness allows us to interpret the results of effective analysis through the use of skills, tools … Read More

Millennial Mentorship: Tips for 2017

David Meltzer discusses strategies for millennial workers

Last week I lost a dear friend and family member, Randy Granovetter. Randy was not only our Chief Technology Officer, but left behind her legacy as the founder of Jabra, the first female Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Exchange, and an executive at numerous tech companies. Randy taught me to … Read More

See the Future of Sports Technology at CES

David Meltzer discusses the future of sports technology

Evolution of Sports Technology This past week I was asked to moderate a sports technology panel at CES 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the preeminent Consumer Electronics Show. My associates and I discussed how big data influences sports as well as elaborated on trends for the future. I was joined … Read More

Around The Moon: January 2017

The month of December was a very exciting month, with the NFL playoff picture heating up and getting more defined, then, of course, the Holiday Season and New Year’s to look forward to.  This time of the year is always very exciting and sometimes stressful. I started out the month … Read More

Every Day is a New Year

David Meltzer discusses how to succeed and be happy in the New Year

New Skills for the New Year Every day is a new year, with new knowledge, skills, and desire. The new year can be daunting to those of us who choose to make New Year’s resolutions. A resolution can create a tremendous amount of internal and external pressure to stick to … Read More