Happy Holiday: Focus and Balance

David Meltzer discusses holiday stress and how to avoid it

Avoid Holiday Stress with Balance For many, the holidays are often a time of high stress. There are so many places to be, so many people to see, our perspective can become negative without the balance of our own values and others. ¬†This holiday is not about what things we … Read More

Let It Shine: Be Sager Strong

David Meltzer discusses the impact that Craig Sager had on the sports world

The sports world lost an incredible human being last week, and a pretty snazzy dresser to boot, after long-time NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager passed away. Sager had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 and had undergone three bone marrow transplants to combat the illness. The perpetually bright Sager never … Read More

Align, Engage, and Connect to Crush Sports Sponsorship

David Meltzer discusses strategies for successful sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship can be seen as a challenging proposition for teams and companies. The biggest obstacle is the lack of quantifiable ROI combined with the financial outlays involved. Most shy away from investing in uncertain and subjective returns. So, what makes a great sports sponsorship? Teams and companies must be … Read More

Content Is King

David Meltzer discusses content

Enough content? People always ask the question of whether there’s too much, or not enough, content. We spend most of our free time sifting through all different types to find something of value.¬†Despite the vast amount out there, there always seems to be a shortage of quality content. Everyone in … Read More