Around The Moon: December Newsletter

David Meltzer discusses entrepreneurs and how to succeed

I was excited about the month of November because it is my birthday month and Thanksgiving is my favorite food-filled day of the year. I started the beginning of the month down in the Sports 1 Marketing office.  There I was filmed with CSN Chicago for the Bears Classic series, … Read More

How do you make tough decisions as a manager?

David Meltzer discusses how a manager makes tough decisions

One thing I know is if you try to please everyone in business you’ll end up pleasing no one. As a manager or leader, we often encounter the urge to make everyone happy. The impossibility of this task led me to realize that I’d rather people hate me for who … Read More

Dak Prescott is right on time — for Dallas and for America

The first bruh to star at quarterback for Dallas – the others who came through were mostly short-term backups, though one was a high-round pick and onetime heir apparent to a three-time Super Bowl winner – is adding an unexpected chapter to the story of America’s Team, at a time … Read More

ESPN Lost Two Million Subscribers in Fiscal 2016

ESPN lost two million subscribers last year, marking the lowest number of subscribers for the sports powerhouse since 2005, according to a Walt Disney Co. filing issued Wednesday. ESPN had 90 million subscribers at the end of the 2016 fiscal year ended Oct. 1, according to Disney’s annual report. It … Read More

Entrepreneurs: Make America Great Again

David Meltzer discusses entrepreneurs and how to succeed

Impact of Entrepreneurs How can entrepreneurs make America great again? Entrepreneurs should always be humble, in times of success and times of failure. They must surround themselves with the right people and the right ideas. These are the people that have the situational knowledge or are in the position that … Read More

Trump Politics with Empathy

Trump Fear with Empathy There is a lot of fear and anxiety after the recent election results. One of the best ways to trump this fear is empathy.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you can use empathy to continue to move forward instead of getting … Read More

The Collective Belief of Champions

The Power of Collective Belief A collective belief is the most powerful thing in sports. Whether it starts with a team, stadium, city, country, or even the world, collective belief is the inspiration to make your perception a reality. A group of people with the same energy striving for the … Read More

Around The Moon: November Newsletter

We’re already into the month of November, where fall is unquestionably in the air.  October was a great month because leaves were falling, the Seahawks were off to a great start, and we had another successful Crescent Moon Foundation fundraiser in Kansas City. After starting October with a trip to … Read More

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Health

David Meltzer discusses how to invest in yourself

Priorities Weight is an issue for so many people, especially middle-aged men and women. At my Mastermind group, which has some of the greatest thought leaders in our country, the battle of the beer belly is a very common topic. Over the last two years, my own personal weight has … Read More