How Globalization is Improving Sports

The world of sports is shrinking. From NFL to NCAA football, we find this true throughout all sports. In fact, this past weekend, the college football season kicked-off across the world. Australia hosted their first college football game since 1987 and is expanding the market for international teams and games. … Read More

Ryan Lochte and The Golden Truth

David Meltzer discusses Lochte and the truth

Lochte: Do you lie? I always ask my new interns on their first day at our Monday morning meeting one question. Do you lie? Invariably, 99% of the kids who come in and start an internship are afraid of the truth. They tell me that they don’t lie. I then … Read More

Work-Life Balance: Hurry To Work and Hurry Home

David Meltzer discusses work-life balance

Finding a work-life balance can be a difficult task for many of us. Use these tips to help find a healthy work-life balance that makes you feel fulfilled and happy. I feel accomplished that I can say I’m one of the few people that hurry to work, and also hurry … Read More

Five Training Camp Tips to Dominate The Preseason

David Meltzer discusses tips to dominate training camp

Whether you are a first-round pick, undrafted rookie, or simply an intern at your work, make the most of your training experiences with these five simple tips. Improve your effective habits Remember that effective habits are the accumulation of who we are. They’re a combination of our skills, our knowledge, … Read More

Around The Moon: August Newsletter

The month of July got off to an inspirational start because of my return from Kenya and my “Unstoppable” expedition to see the communities that we helped develop in Africa.  Now we start to move through July and towards the start of NFL training camps, Hall of Fame Induction weekend … Read More