Master Communication: Be The Office MVP

David Meltzer discusses effective communication

Develop these three valuable communication skills, be a major contributor, and prove your skills by mastering content, access, and medium. Understand these are the three pillars of communication. Content Most importantly, we need to understand the “what” we are saying. Content is what we say. That is the verbal and … Read More

Are You Full of Shit?

David Meltzer discusses being full of shit.

Full of shit? I start off all my speeches with the same thing, “I’m full of shit.” Why do I say full of shit? Because I wrote a book called Connected To Goodness: Manifest Everything You Desire In Life and Business–if I could actually do that, I probably wouldn’t be … Read More

Learning Zone: NBA Finals & Home Court

As we conclude the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup, one question always comes to mind. Does home court advantage really matter? As I analyze home court advantage, it’s obvious that the 12th man, the 6th man, the 3rd man—whatever “extra man” we may have—creates the inspiration that provides a team’s … Read More

Muhammad Ali: Mindset of a Champion

David Meltzer discusses the champion mindset of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is truly the world’s champion and throughout his life, he displayed the mindset of a great champion. Through his entire career and his entire life, he has had no regrets. He has only had gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication. Since Muhammad Ali was a child, he called himself … Read More