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S1M Shows the Miracle of Giving

There is a deeper meaning to the holidays once you get past the surface of family, great food and receiving gifts. Although nothing should be taken away from these Yuletide traditions, the true significance lies in the act giving.  David Meltzer “Make a lot of money, Help a lot of …

NFL Alumni Party

Super Bowl 50 is promised to be the biggest Super Bowl yet. But the experience goes beyond the game. In the same spirit, TRINE & Sports 1 Marketing’s Night of Champions is more than a Super Bowl party. A carefully curated guest list plus inventive strategies to reach the millions wishing they could be there

David Meltzer

How does grass break through the hard surface of our earth?

Numerous awards are annually dedicated to various collegiate athletes, but none give college players a bigger sense of achievement than two awards, the Heisman and Lott IMPACT trophies. David Meltzer Having your name associated with football greats such as Charles Woodson, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders and J.J. Watt, most college …

David Meltzer


When we think of Cam Newton and Steph Curry today, we really don’t think of breakthroughs. That’s only because we have short memories with regards to sports. Both MVP candidates are blowing everyone away with their performance as professional athletes. They both are leading their teams to undefeated records and …

David Meltzer

December Newsletter

Letter From The President This month started off just how last month ended.  After the Halloween appearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I jumped on a plane that afternoon and flew to Dallas to meet the Seahawks in Arlington for the game against the Cowboys.  Prior to the game I appeared at GameDay Sports to sign autographs …

David Meltzer

The One Father Who Always Wins

One of the biggest challenges of our life is getting old. David Meltzer If I could go back and do one thing differently, it would be to appreciate the fact that I could not gain weight when I was young. I had to eat at midnight in college just to maintain …