November Newsletter

David Meltzer & Warren Moon

October was an exciting month with football starting to heat up, games becoming more important, and fundraising efforts ramping up for our signature event at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. David Meltzer We started with a fundraiser in Kansas City at the American Royal BBQ cook-off to raise money for my Crescent … Read More

What You Resist…Persists!

David Meltzer

One thing comes to mind with all the changes in the college playoff system…what a mess. David Meltzer No matter how we change this we always seem to have the same problem. People are constantly arguing who is number one? Who should be in the playoffs? Who should be ranked … Read More

Only MLB Award Not Based On Performance On The Field…Roberto Clemente Award

David Meltzer

Baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and contributions to their team, individuals possessing these traits deserve Recognition. David Meltzer Following up on last week’s blog focusing on unsportsmanlike conduct, we now look at the other end of the spectrum, sportsmanship and giving back to the community. Last Friday the MLB awarded the Roberto … Read More